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Internet Download Speed Test
  1. Conduct this Internet speed test at the physical location the webcast will be viewed. (Its best to perform this test on the same computer you'll use during the webcast.)
  2. Click the Speed Test Link below. It's quick and easy.
  3. Speakeasy Speed Test

    Internet Download Test

  4. The test dial arrow will rise to the maximum download speed and will report the maximum download speed digitally in a box at the bottom of the dial. (The minimum download speed needed to receive the webcast is 1.5 mbps, which is 1.5 megabits per second or 1,500 kilobits per second.)
  5. Report the download speed in the field provided on the Webcast Test Results Form at the bottom of this page (for the example below, 3.7 mbps).
  6. Report Download Speed

Full Screen Audio & Video Test
  1. You must perform this test from the computer, viewing screen and audio system you will use during the event.
  2. On the video player below, click the play button. Then click the full screen button (at the lower right of the player.)
  3. The video should play full screen on your projector or whatever screen the audience will watch.
  4. You should hear the audio playing through your sound board or whatever speakers your audience will listen to.
  5. Report the video and audio test results in the fields provided on the Webcast Test Results Form below.

  • Webcast Test Results Form

  • Should be Empty:

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